Monday, April 7, 2014


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when shelley and tammy jo had got about five miles down the dark deserted highway in rick's car they finally came to an intersection.

they had not seen any overhead road signs telling them which interstate highways they were on or where the next exits were.

they had only passed a couple of cars going in the opposite direction, back toward the outskirts of the city. and they had not passed or seen any cars going their way, away from the city.

but at the crossroad there was an old wooden post with hand painted signs pointing in the four directions.

shelley pulled the car over. they could not read the signs by the light of the headlights and she dimmed them.

shelley lit a cigarette. she offered tammy jo one but she shook her head.

tammy jo looked out at the dark. "what are we doing?"

"just taking a break." shelley exhaled some smoke. "i'll get out and look at those signs. unless you want to get out and look at them."

"yeah, i'll get out and look at them. was there anyplace in particular you wanted to go? but i already asked you that."

"no, just see what they say."

tammy jo got out of the car. she shivered a little as she approached the signs as the night had gotten colder.

she squinted up at the signs. they were faded and hard to read. the moon had gone behind some clouds.

the signs pointed in four directions but did not say east, west, south or north and did not give miles.

one said "chicago". another said "detroit" with "cleveland" underneath it in smaller letters. a third said " atlantic city" and the one pointing back the way they had come said "new orleans".

tammy jo stared at them. after a while shelley got out of the car, threw her butt away and joined her.

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